Car rental with driver

Our car rental services with driver are designed to be affordable for everyone.

Chauffeur for Companies, Individuals, Cruisers, Tourists, agencies.

Our services are available only by reservation.

From the first contacts therefore already a dialogue is established, it identifies the type of service that you need, that to the extent they were determined to conform on the basis of the needs and expectations of the customer. Finally, it proposes a service or series of services as much as possible to measure.

Benefits rental with driver

Relax, now there we are.

Entrust to a rental with driver serious has two basic meanings:

Addressed to professionals and with appropriate means and thanks to an excellent knowledge of the area with seriousness and professional ethics lead you towards your goal.

Entrusting themselves, their loved ones, their customers or guests who craft carries daily wherever people and empower all those worries that usually spoil a trip: traffic, weather, road works, accidents, delays, detours, traffic areas, parking lots, etc.

Rental minivans 9 seats – Choose the minivan and save

Custom Services

Rent a minibus allows you to move with complete freedom, being able to have all the space and comfort needed to fully enjoy the wonders that are followed before his eyes while aboard a minivan 9 seats, we will cross the streets of the beautiful country.

Noleggio Cavanna also carries the rental service without drivers for 9-seater minibus and vans for small loads.

This service is available for the Monferrato area with a basis for withdrawal means in Santo Stefano State 13 – Strevi (AL)